Accreditation Standards

In order for camps to become accredited or maintain their accreditation, they must follow and maintain a set of Standards.


  1. A Camp completes the OCA Provisional Application package.
  2. The Membership Committee reviews the package and makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors.
  3. If the recommendation is to accept the application, The Board can then choose whether or not to approve the camp as a Provisional 1 Applicant.
  4. If approved, the camp will have a Standards Visit that summer.
  5. In the Fall, The Standards Committee reviews the paperwork from the visit and makes a recommendation to the Board, and informs the camp of their status.
  6. The camp is then informed of the Board’s decision as to whether they will advance to P2 or remain at P1 status.
  7. A 2nd visit will take place the next summer, following the same steps.
  8. If both the 1st and 2nd visits are successful, the Camp shall become Accredited.
  9. If a Provisional Camp is unable to become accredited after 3 summers of visits, the Camp will lose the opportunity to become accredited. However, after a one-year lapse, the camp may reapply to restart the process as a Provisional Camp.


  • Once a camp becomes a Accredited, they are revisited every 4 years.
  • The Board will automatically re-accredit the camp if they meet 100% of the applicable Mandatory Standards and 90% of the applicable Recommended Standards in each section.
  • If a camp does not meet these requirements,  the Standards Committee will conduct a review. Once completed, the Committee will make a recommendation to the Board.

The Board will make one of the following decisions:

  1. The camp is accredited or re-accredited for 4 years.
  2. The Board requires a letter of response or undertaking from the camp to comply with the Standards before a 4-year accreditation or re-accreditation is given.
  3. The Board requires the camp to be re-visited the following year and requires a letter of undertaking from the camp to comply with the Standards before a 1-year accreditation or re-accreditation is given.
  4. The camp is not accredited/re-accredited and remains a Provisional Applicant/ reverts back to Provisional status.

The Board may revoke the Membership of any camp if, in their opinion, the camp does not adhere to the objectives, goals or standards of the OCA.

OCA Accreditation Disclaimer

The regular OCA accreditation process requires adherence to a list of safety and operational standards, and the OCA arranges accreditation visits of each accredited camp once every four years in order to ascertain adherence to the accreditation standards. In addition, certain standards deal with the facility or location of the camp program. Due to the pandemic, no accreditation visits are taking place in 2020. Click here to read full disclaimer.


To view the 2020 Standards, please click here. In addition to OCA’s 2020 Standards, day camps that are operating this summer will follow additions to the standards that have been made specifically for operations during COVID-19. View COVID-19 Summer 2020 Standards.

Interpreting the Year-round Standards

This document contains audio recordings and transcripts with explanations and tips to assist you in answering commonly misinterpreted Year-round Standards. For the interactive component to work, the file must be downloaded and saved to your computer and opened in a PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat DC or Acrobat Reader DC, for example). If opened in a web browser, the PDF will not work.

Interpreting the Year-round Standards – Interactive PDF