Job Interview Preparation

Interview preparation is really key to interview success!

For extra help, teens can take the job description to the career counselling office at their high school and ask if for assistance. Ask to do a practice interview with someone who you know and trust to give you honest, positive feedback on ways to enhance your interview.

Job Board

Q. Tell me a little about yourself.

Sample Answer: The interviewer wants to learn more about your skills, abilities and some of your interests. This response sets the tone for the rest of the interview and it is a good idea to make the answer as brief as possible. A rough rule of thumb is to say something about the recent past, something current and a plan for the future. Here is what one student shared in her interview, “Past- My family relocated to this region three years ago and I went to XXX High School. Present – I am currently attending…name the school and I take (explain what classes you are taking). I am a part of the drama club stage crew and enjoy the theatre and arts. Future – My goal is to pursue Theatre Arts in college.

Q. Why do you want this seasonal full-time job?

Sample Answer: Tell the interviewer why you applied for this position. Talk about your skills and your availability. First and foremost, include that you enjoy and want to work with children.

Q. Are you involved in extra-curricular activities?

Sample Answer: High school students should speak about after school activities, elective classes taken outside of school or any volunteer work you may do.

Q. What would teachers say about you?

Sample Answer: This is a good chance to speak about your good performance in your favourite classes.  Include any positive facts about your punctuality, responsibility, and contributions to group work and or class discussions.  Speak about teachers who you know would be able to give you a good letter of recommendation.

Q. Who were some of your important childhood role models and why were they so special?

Sample Answer: The interviewer is looking for keywords that apply to the camp setting that imply they were empathetic, approachable, energetic, and friendly. Your responses let the interviewer know you understand the impact you would have on children and the need for consistent positive role modeling.

Q. Tell me about a problem you had and how you solved it.

Sample Answer: The interviewer wants to learn about you problem solving skills for handling challenges or conflicts and, hopefully, hear that you are rational and calm under pressure. Make sure to give specific examples where you might have had a problem you actually had to solve. Don’t forget to talk about great outcomes and/or lessons learned from those that were not so great.

Q. Tell me about your last job.

Sample Answer: Share information about job skills or accomplishments on the job. Do not speak badly about any prior employers. Keep this part of the interview very positive and upbeat.  Camp might also be your first ‘real job’ – this is okay and camp directors know this is so for many young people applying to camp.  If this is the case, try instead to talk about experiences you’ve had being around kids (babysitting, looking after family members) or volunteering.

Q. What assets characterize a good employee?

Sample Answer: The interviewer wants to hear that you take a job very seriously, responsibly, give 100%, go beyond what is asked of you, and that you will act ethically.

Q. Why should we hire you?

Sample Answer: Here is an opportunity to talk about your job skills, behaviors and achievements and how they could be an asset on your new job.

For camp job go to the OCA’s job board.