Campers with Additional Needs

Camps for Children, Teens, and Adults with Additional Needs

Some camps cater to the individual needs of a specific population of children, teens, and/or adults. It is imperative to consult the camp listings and then contact each camp for detailed information with regards to the specific populations that each camp serves (e.g. a tripping camp for teens with physical disabilities). Please go to the OCA’s homepage and view the current Camps Guide.

Camps Working Towards Inclusion

Camps working towards inclusion are noted in the OCA Camps Guide by an (*) beside their names. They have indicated that they may have the resources available to meet the needs of children, teens, and adults with disabilities/special needs within an inclusive setting. The OCA Special Needs Resource Committee strongly suggests that families contact Camp Directors of the specific camps they are considering to discuss and understand how an individual’s needs can be met through the camp’s available resources.