Accreditation Standards

Ontario parents and guardians send their children to OCA Accredited Camps because they know of our dedication to standards and principals. We work hard to elevate the camp profession by providing a framework (the OCA Standards) to objectively evaluate camp excellence. The Year-round Standards are regularly reviewed and revised to adapt to current regulations and practices.

2020 Standards

To view the 2020 Standards, please click here.

In all, there are over 400 standards, although the exact number that each camp must follow depends on whether or not the standard applies to the camp (e.g., a camp with no out-tripping program does not need to meet the out-tripping standards).

The standards questions are very specific. Major (mandatory) standards are considered to be the most important for the camp’s safe and efficient operation.

**NOTE:   To achieve or maintain accreditation, a camp must comply with 100% of all applicable Mandatory Standards. A camp must also comply with 90% of the Recommended Standards in each section. However, in a section where one (1) NO response brings the camp below 90% compliance, then one (1) NO response will be allowed. Where a camp answers a Mandatory or Recommended Standard as “no” or “not applicable”, a written explanation is required.

Interpreting the Year-round Standards

This document contains audio recordings and transcripts with explanations and tips to assist you in answering commonly misinterpreted Year-round Standards. For the interactive component to work, the file must be downloaded and saved to your computer and opened in a PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat DC or Acrobat Reader DC, for example). If opened in a web browser, the PDF will not work.

Interpreting the Year-round Standards – Interactive PDF