OCA 2017 Annual Conference Speaker Spotlight – David M. Conley

david-conley-hsWho is David M. Conley you ask? Here’s the inside scoop on the OCA’s 2017 Annual Conference Friday Keynote Presenter, David M. Conley.

David M. Conley comes to us from Roswell, Georgia where he is a presenter for ExpertOnlineTraining.com and the Creative Director of Munirah Entertainment.  At Munirah Entertainment, David is responsible for creating custom training programs designed to teach key principles to his clients.

With his formal education in communications and performing arts, and his work as a writer, actor, and director, David develops “corporate theatre” programs that leave a lasting impression on participants. Corporate Theatre programs are when professional actors are brought in to perform purpose written scripts, allowing participants to see their own reality in new ways and to generate language both verbal and non-verbal that enables them to talk about what they normally don’t talk about.

David is also known for work that he has done alongside his brother Larry. Together they have created their popular and compelling Principle Centred Leadership Program, GLUE (Growing Leaders Using EMPOWERment). GLUE is designed to assist people in recognizing and reaching their full potential, using the EMPOWER (End Vision, Mutual Victory, Proactive, Organizing Priorities, Working Together, Empathetic Listening, and Recharge) model. The concept of GLUE is able to transcend all industries, making David a favoured presenter at both corporate and youth leadership conferences.

When he is not providing training the corporate sector or inspiring young people to greatness, David is creating and telling stories through film. David has starred in “Drop Dead Diva,” “Army Wives,” the Disney Channel Original Movie “Let It Shine,” and more. He has also directed/starred in the short films “Timing,” “D.N.R,” and “Tapestry of Shadows.”

The OCA and the Conference Committee are excited to have David present the Friday Keynote Address at the OCA’s 2017 Annual Conference!

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