Honorary Life Members

The OCA is honoured to present the names of camp leaders, who over many years, have trail blazed, built bridges and set precedents, which have assisted others in the Ontario camping industry. Honorary Life Award Nominees hold a place of special significance in the traditions and successes of our Association. New paths and bridges created and implemented by current camp professionals rest upon the solid foundations laid by these courageous pioneers. Honorary Life Members in our Association are a permanent part of our camp lives.

Recipients shall have met the following criteria:

  • * Ten (10) or more years of distinguished service in the field of camping.
  • * Held positions on the Board or have chaired committee(s), task force(s) or special project(s) for at least 10 years.
  • * Held an executive position of a camping organization or agency for at least 10 years.
  • * Retired from active service in camping or reached 55 years of age.

Past Award Recipients:

Ada E. Adams Peter Gilbert Leon Muszynski
Janet Adamson Barbara Gilchrist Ellen Nash
Madelene Allen John Gilchrist Harold Nashman
Henri Audet Al Goodman Mary Northway
Bill Babcock Margaret Govan Fred Okada
Jean Babcock Barb Gray Howard Oretsky
Larry Bell Liz Grenway Jocelyn Palm
Pearl Bell Alf Grigg David Palter
Marcello Bernardo Jay Haddad Elsie Palter
Margaret Bernardo Irwin Haladner Jack Pearse
Cheryl Bernknopf Ferna G. Halliday Ron Perry
Joyce Bertram Sam Hambly Charles Plewman
Brian Blackstock Mary Hamilton Stephen Polevoy
C.R. Blackstock Bruce Harris Ann Prewitt
Diane Blair Rob Heming Elizabeth Raymer
Marjorie Booth Stephen Heming Ralph Raymer
Jeff Brown Barbara Hnatiak Ivan Robinson
Carolea Butters Polly Hodgetts Catherine Ross
Mary Casey Bruce Hodgins George Ross
Bill Chapman Laura Belle Hodgins John Russell
Elaine Cole Stanley E. Hodgins Milly Russell
Ted Cole Maj. John Hoyle C.T. Sharpe
F.B. (Skip) Connett Cecil H. Irwin Bob Smith
George Connolly Mickey Johnstone W.H. (Win) Smith
Rob Crew Ron Johnstone Robert Sneyd
Bert Danson John Jorgenson Ethel Statten
Joseph B. Danson Eleanor Kay Bill Stevens
Hart Devenney Grant Kerr Helen Stewart
Mark Diamond Joe Kronick Patti Thom
Adele Ebbs Cliff Labbett Bev Unger
Harry Ebbs June Labbett Peter Van Wagner
Mary S. Edgar John Latimer Dorothy Walter
Clarence Ferguson Peggy Latimer Wendell White
Bert Fine Barry Lowes Stan Wild
Scotty Fleming Philomena Lowes Bruce Wilson
Eanswythe Flynn Marilee MacFarlane Lisa Wilson
Shirley Ford Jane McCutcheon Kirk Wipper
Wally Forgie Don Marston Margaret Wipper
Howard Gibb Sally Moore
Barb Gilbert Bruno Morawetz