To be eligible for an OCA Accredited Summer For Camp jobs at:

Overnight Camps you must:

– have completed Ontario’s Grade 11 or equivalent

– be 17 years or older by December 31st (of the season in which you’re applying)

Click here to visit the OCA Job Board


Day Camps you must:

– have completed Grade 10 or Equivalent

Click here to visit the OCA Job Board


Helpful hints to finding your perfect summer camp job:

  1. Go online and research your options. Check the OCA Job Board for camp job listings across Ontario and review the required qualifications.
  2. Network. Talk to people at your school, sports clubs, after school activities, or at places of worship and look for opportunities at your local parks, YMCA’s & YWCA’s and municipal recreation departments.
  3. Assess your skills. Any special qualifications, such as lifeguard, first aid, or CPR certification, or specialized experience in areas such as the arts, science, music, or languages, will work in your favour. Other useful skills pertaining to specific camps may include horseback experience, guitar playing, experience as a naturalist and anything else that might relate to the camping experience.
  4. Look for a camp that will use your strengths. If you play soccer, apply at a soccer camp. If you’re a super cheerleader, apply at a spirit camp. If you’re an accomplished musician, apply at a music camp.  There are also many general/traditional camps seeking instructors in specific areas which would also value your strengths.
  5. Consider a local day camp if you want to stay at home. Check with the camps of your choice about transportation to and from camp. You’ll get paid and gain experience that you can add to your résumé.
  6. Apply to camps that interest you. You might need to supply a résumé, letters of recommendation/reference and even school transcripts. Appear at scheduled interviews on time, dressed professionally, and ready to answer their questions, and have questions prepared to ask them.