Elections take place every year at the Annual General Meeting, usually scheduled in January. Volunteering for available Board positions is important to the survival and vibrancy of any organization. Share your knowledge and expertise by putting your name forward. Call the OCA office or the current President for more information.

Preparation for Elections

Each summer, a Call for Nominations for  Board of Directors  is sent by the Nomination Chair to all voting Members.

The letter informs Members positions that will be open for the next year’s term and includes a description of the position(s) and a Nomination Form. A deadline for submitting Nominations with the following information will be noted:

    • Name and Signature of Nominee (must be an OCA Member)
    • Name and Signature of Nominator (must be an OCA Member)
    • The Board Position to be filled
    • Date of Nomination
    • A Brief Description of Nominee’s Background

A second mailing, a Letter of Notice of the Annual General Meeting, will be sent the first week of December.  Included in the December Package is:

  1. Letter from the Nominating Chair
  2. Annual General Meeting Draft Agenda
  3. The Names and Biographies Nominees

Members are asked to mail their ballot (s) or proxy to the OCA Office by a specific date or bring the ballot (s) with them to the Annual General Meeting and submit them prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Mailed ballots and proxies will not be opened until three hours (approximately) before the AGM (Proxies will be counted and assigned to people as designated on the submitted proxy forms). Ballots and proxies are counted by the Nomination Chair, the President, a Past President, Executive Director, and a scrutineer will be present to observe the process.

Members with the largest number of votes will assume each vacant position.