Financial Reports


Audited financial statements are an important piece of information for members and future investors when judging the health of an organization. Certified public accounting firms are tasked with auditing companies and reviewing the application of generally accepted accounting principles–known as GAAP–in accounting departments.

The purpose of Audits of an organization’s financial statements provide an outside look into the heart of a organization’s operations. Audits ensure that financial transactions are recorded properly on company books. While smaller companies may just have one yearly audit, larger companies and public corporations may be subject to numerous audits throughout the calendar or fiscal year.

The Ontario Camps Association’s Audit is completed on a yearly basis, following the fiscal year-end of September 30th.  For pasted Audited Statements, please click on the following tabs:

2015-16 – Audited Financial Statements
2014-15 – Audited Financial Statements
2013-14 – Audited Financial Statements
2012-13 – Audited Financial Statements
2011-12 – Audited Financial Statements
2010-11 – Audited Financial Statements