International Campers

Ontario Camps are recognized internationally for their variety of safe, unique and professional programs. The Ontario cities, lakes and forests lend themselves to providing so many different opportunities for providing a successful camp experience. Campers at Ontario camps represent almost every country in the world; some camps have approximately 25% of their campers from various countries outside Canada, while other camps have almost 80% international campers.

The OCA is proud of the diversity of our campers, camps and staff. Please contact the camps of your choice for further information.

If you are an international camper looking for more information, please click here.

If you are a youth from another country wanting to work at camp in Ontario, please click here.

Camps – If your international camper requires a visa to enter Canada, complete the Custodianship Declaration Form. To determine whether a camper needs a visa to enter Canada, please click here.


Traveling to Ontario

Travel Information: Campers from abroad are asked to arrive and leave on the regular session arrival and departure dates if at all possible. If arriving by plane or train, the arrival or departure time should be confirmed with the Camp. This makes it much easier to co-ordinate pick up and departures, since the drive from camp to the airport may be several hours each way. Often, there will be one or more campers to be picked up at the airport, therefore be aware there may be a few hours wait before the campers depart for the camp. A staff member will care for them at all times. Upon arrival at camp, or if there is a major delay or problem, the camp will notify you by e-mail or phone. Please let the camp know when your camper(s) have departed from your airport and their expected arrival time in Ontario.

Please note:
Quebec Camps, who are OCA Members, may use Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International Airport (Airport code: YUL)
Ontario Camps may use either Pearson International Airport (Airport code: YYZ) or Billy Bishop Island Airport (Airport code: YTZ)

Unaccompanied Young Passenger: Campers who fly alone, to be met by camp staff at the airport, should travel as Unaccompanied Young Passengers – the airlines will then be responsible to see that they are met by authorized staff. Parents should advise their camp of all travel details (airline, flight number, date, times, etc.) well in advance and should send the camper’s photo if it is their child’s first visit to camp. Please let camps know your camper(s) travel details by June 1st or earlier. See Airport Procedures for further information.

Make sure that the camper returns as an Unaccompanied Young Passenger upon completion of his or her stay. There may be a charge for this service by the airline, which you will pay at the time you purchase your flight tickets. This is an important detail, especially for children under 14 years.  Please let the camp know if you wish your child to travel as an Unaccompanied Young Passenger if they are over 14 years old. See Unaccompanied Minors for further information.

Medical Insurance: *check with each individual camp to see what arrangements
they have made and what insurance coverage they have, and arrange additional coverage if you so desire*
Please make sure that your child comes with a phone number and any necessary insurance forms.

Visas: Depending on your country of origin, a Canadian visa may be necessary for your child’s stay at camp. If visas are necessary, please make sure all is in order prior to sending your child to camp. To determine whether your child needs to obtain a visa, please click the following link:

Safekeeping of Documents: Upon arrival at camp, passports, plane tickets, travel money, cellular phone and any other special papers must be given to the director for safekeeping during the stay at camp. All children arriving at camp from outside of Canada must have their passport with them.

Additional Fees: Camps may have a surcharge for making individual arrangements to meet those who travel by air or train (please inquire with your specific camp). In addition, there may be an extra charge if your child needs to arrive one day early or leave one day late at camp. Please discuss any individual arrangements with your camp prior to making your payment.


Weather in Ontario

The summer season in Ontario is synonymous with summer camps. The weather from June 21 to September 21 can be very hot and humid. In southern Ontario, daytime temperatures are usually above 20°C and sometimes above 30°C.  At this time of year you should wear a hat and sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

Proper clothing items include light-coloured clothes made of a breathable fabric. Please include hats. Try not to bring dark colours or clothes made with heavy fabric.

Do not forget to bring a good quality sunscreen. Teach your camper how to apply their own sun screen before coming to camp

**Each camp will provide you with a full packing list of what to bring to camp.

Ontario’s weather is available to you at:



How to Register

When to Register

For some camps, registration begins as early as the end of the previous summer season. Other camps have specific dates throughout the fall and early winter. Parents should go online or call the camp of their choice to inquire about the camp’s registration dates, deadlines and refund policies.

*Please note: some camps have “Early Bird” rates that you can take advantage of. Please make sure you are aware of these deadline dates.

How to Register

Most camps have either online registration or registration forms you can download and send in by fax or mail. Ask the camp of your choice their preferred method of registration.

A. Online Registration

Many camps are turning to primarily using online registration, as this method is fast and easy, and it’s green! There are many potential benefits to using online registration, such as up-to-date information on space available in programs, wait-list opportunities for programs that might be full, and convenient payment options for your fees.

B. Paper Registration

Mail, fax or submit in person: make sure to have your camp’s accurate information, and send completed registration form(s).

  • Important- Camps will do their best to process money or a credit card authorization the day it is received. Despite processing the payment, however, placement in the program is not guaranteed until a confirmation has been sent. ** Please check your camp’s refund policy.

Additional Notes on Registration…

  • Telephone and email registrations will not be accepted at most camps.
  • The camp registration form will allow you to register for sessions of your choice. Be sure to follow all instructions and, if you have questions, call the camp!
  • OCA Camps are required to have a current, completed health form for each camper.
  • It is important for camps to know about any health or behavioural issues. Your information will be protected under Canada’s Privacy Laws.