Jeff Brown

Jeff “Capt” Brown is the Owner/Director of Camp Otterdale which he co-directs with his partner Dana “Muskie” McDade. He is the proud father of two boys, Evan and Joel, who are often seen at camp pitching-in with all aspects. Capt is leading in to his 24th summer at Otterdale after taking the helm in the mid-90’s.

His involvement with the OCA is extensive. He is an Honorary Life Member, Chair of the Environment Committee, Chair of the Awards Committee, regular standards visitor and a multi-term Board Member. He is passionate about the importance of providing “the camp experience” for children, teens and families and the essential role that the OCA has in supporting our member camps.

This term he hopes to keep the peddle on the gas with Committee initiatives and continue to provide an experienced and thoughtful voice to the Board Table. He has been proud to serve with the “incredibly dedicated and profession Board members” and give back to the OCA. He is looking to the future to continue to help with new challenges and continue the important work of the OCA. He hopes you will support him with your vote.