Mark Diamond

Mark Diamond received his law degree and after practicing law for 18 months went into a small business building and developing office condo’s and non-profit housing. After nine years he joined as CEO of Canada’s first website development company “E-Commerce” which was subsequently sold.  After a challenging two years, Mark decided to pursue his dream career of running and operating a summer camp and has run Camp Manitou for the past two decades as co-owner with Jeff Wilson.  This career has been best the best decision of his life.

Mark is most proud of Camp Manitou’s ManitouCares program and the Manitoucamp Foundation that teaches campers and their families about various charities and involves the families in many charitable programs.  Twelve programs are held during the year for families such as feeding the homeless or supporting women in distress.  At camp guest speakers and their families come up to camp and inspire the children on various topics. This summer, for example, some speakers include a residential school survivor,  a rapper who discusses bullying,  a youth ambassador from the Children’s Aid Foundation and a speaker on mental health.

Mark’s involvement with charity work started with the young leadership division of the Canadian friends of the Hebrew University becoming its second president. Mark has spent 12  years as a Board member of a Jewish Humanitarian group that helps the homeless. Currently, he is Co-Chair of a charity “Heart to Heart” that brings Israeli Palestinians and Jews to summer camp in Ontario to foster positive relationships in the hope that they become future peacemakers in the region. Mark has sat on the board of the Ontario Camps Association for over a decade. Mark is also actively involved through his family in a charity “Save a Child’s Heart” that provides life-saving heart surgery to infants from around the world.