If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the OCA office at 416-485-0425 or toll-free 1-844-485-0425.


Trent University maintains a vast archive of the rich history of Ontario camps.  Click here to view the information index.


  • To promote the importance and value of Archives in the camping community.
  • To encourage and facilitate the camps and camping groups in Ontario.
  • To encourage OCA and member camps to contribute archival materials, and to facilitate their transfer to the Camping Archives at Trent University.
  • To actively create archival materials through Oral History Interviews and other projects.

Committee Members:
Kelly Mathews, Board Liaison
Liz Greenway
Alf Grigg
Marilee MacFarlane


To recognize OCA Volunteers on an annual basis for their valuable contributions to the OCA. This Committee informs Members annually (August) of the OCA Awards, the criteria for each award, the process for nominating OCA Members and the deadline date for submitting nominations.


  • Preferred Vendor Recognition Award
  • Volunteer Recognition Award
  • John “Jorgi” Jorgenson International Development Award
  • Ron and Mickey Johnstone Youth Leadership Award
  • Dorothy Walter Award of Excellence
  • Honorary Life Member
  • OCA Camp Milestone Award

The Committee (a) meets to review the submissions and ensure the Nominees meet the award’s criteria and (b) with the OCA office staff, organizes and implements the Awards Dinner.

Committee Members:
Jeff Brown, Chair/Board Liaison

Liz Greenway
Patti Thom

Community Engagement


  • To provide social gatherings which will encourage the connections of members within the Association
  • To encourage and promote volunteerism within the OCA

Committee Members:
Patti Thom, Chair

Jeff Brown, OCA Board Liaison

Educational Events

The Educational Events Committee works to develop and initiate educational events throughout the year. Topics chosen for the Annual Conference, Day Camp Workshop, Food Services Workshop, Maintenance and Facilities Conference, Health Care Conference and Counsellor Conference are based on current issues and camp training needs and requirements. Committee Chairs and Members work in co-ordination with the OCA office to create and implement each educational event.

Committee Members:
Kelly Mathews,  Program Chair-Annual Conference 
Bev Unger, Chair, Health Care Committee
Heather Davidson, Chair, Counsellor Conference Chair
Kelly Mathews & Karen Hartnett, Board Liaisons 


Mandate: To research, develop and implement educational workshops, conferences, and seminars appropriate to the needs of the OCA Members, Partners, Associates and Affiliates.

Committee Members:
Jeff Brown, Chair & 
OCA Board Liaison

Equity and Diversity

Mandate: To Be Announced

Committee Members:
Rachel Kent and Olivia Fullerton, Co-Chairs


The OCA Finance Committee is responsible for providing expertise for grants, fund raising and financial issues which may arise.

Committee Members:
Leon Muszynski –Chair/Board Liaison
Marjorie Booth
Rob Carmichael
Ana Belic

Government Advocacy

The Canadian Camping Association (CCA) and OCA work in coordination to assist the Government Advocacy Committee. This committee works with Members across Canada who are experiencing unintended government-related changes and issues which impact the camp industry. At the present time there are several active projects with both Federal and Provincial Ministries.

Committee Members:
Mark Diamond, Chair/Board Liaison
Jonathan Nyquist, Temporary Foreign Worker Program
Craig Perlmutter, Transport Canada – Camp Marine Module
Howie Grossinger, Early Years
Mike Sladden, Service Canada

Health Care

To promote and develop the highest standards of camp health care and to educate and support health care professionals.

Committee Members:
Bev Unger
, Chair
Pearl Bell
Cheryl Bernknopf
Shelly Clarke
Barb Gray
Heather Sanders

AD HOC Members
Mary Casey
Pam Lamont
Nancy Cohen
Wendy Mackenzie


To encourage and assist non-member camps, institutions, individuals and businesses to become members, associates, affiliates and partners of the OCA.

Camp membership shall be open to any person, firm, association or corporation operating a camp within the Province of Ontario. In addition, camp membership shall be open to any person, firm, association or corporation operating a camp from Provinces or Territories outside Ontario if the Camping Association of that Province or Territory is not federated with the Canadian Camping Association/Association des Camps du Canada

Committee Members:
Eugene Chong, Chair

Ellen Nash
Lisa Wilson
Kelley Ruys de Perez


The OCA Mentorship Committee, in consultation with the Membership and Standards Committees, is responsible for the ongoing development, recruitment, training and implementation of the OCA’s Mentorship program for Provisional One and Two Camps and/or Accredited Camps who have new ownership, new leadership or who are facing difficulties and need support.

Committee Members:
Brandon McClounie, Chair & Board Liaison


The Past President and Committee Members, in cooperation with the Executive Director, prepares and distributes annual Nomination Information packages.  The package includes: announcement of the upcoming vacancies on the Board of Directors (position term: 2 years), position descriptions, and a nomination form.

Responsible for identifying and presenting candidates for election as directors who appropriately reflect the types and numbers of accredited camp members in good standing from time to time, including appropriate representation from all aspects of the accredited camp membership, being the private, day, not-for-profit, special needs and religious camps, such that the slate of candidates for election reflect both a cross section of the membership of the Corporation and individuals who have the appropriate expertise, experience and time commitment to ensure a high quality board of directors at all times.

Mark Diamond, Chair/Board Liaison
Eric Shendelman, OCA President

Outdoor Education

In the initial stages of this new committee the key goal will be to develop a baseline understanding of our current membership and how it relates to Outdoor Education. From there the committee will identify what common gaps within outdoor education exist that are not currently being served. Below in the “Key Responsibilities” are assumed gaps in which this committee could make a short-term impact however verification of these assumptions through surveying the membership or inviting members to join a preliminary information sharing session would be beneficial.

Committee Members:
Brandon McClounie, Chair & Board Liaison

Preferred Vendors 


To recruit and promote Preferred Vendors within the OCA  which will benefit Accredited Member Camps and the Vendors.
To ensure that the Preferred Vendors have a voice and that their interests are met throughout the year including the Annual Conference.

Committee Members:
Bruce Phillips, Co-Chair
Jonathan Nyquist, Co-Chair & Board Liaison

Social Media

Develop and maintain a consistent and well-organized social media cross-platform strategy for the OCA.

Committee Members:
Neil Persaud, Co-Chair

Special Needs Resource 

The Special Needs Resource Committee exists to advocate, educate and provide support on issues related to children and adults of varying backgrounds, abilities and medical needs and the member camps who serve them.

  • To advocate for more opportunities for children and adults, of varying backgrounds, abilities and medical needs, within a range of camps from mainstream to specialized.
  • To support the OCA in presenting information to parents, private and public partners and the general public about the camping opportunities for children and adults with varying backgrounds, abilities and medical needs.
  • To support the OCA in providing awareness education training for camps and camp staff on the processes of  accessibility and techniques of working with persons with varying backgrounds, abilities and medical needs, to promote inclusion.
  • To keep the camping community informed on current accessibility issues and standards as they relate to campers who have varying backgrounds, abilities and medical needs.

Committee Members:
Melissa Ray, Chair
Julie Gallie, OCA Board Liaison
Standing Members: There are over 40 regular members and many more organizations who are not members involved in this committee.


The Standards Committee is at the core of the OCA’s Mission Statement. The Committee is essential to ensuring that camps are meeting benchmarks for safety and high quality programs in accordance with best practices developed by the Membership.

  • To provide direction and support for the accreditation program;
  • To provide training and resources to those involved in the accreditation/re-accreditation process;
  • To work collaboratively with the Standards Review Committee to update and revise the Year-round Standards;
  • To work collaboratively with the Membership Committee to prepare and guide provisional camps towards accreditation;
  • To work collaboratively with the Board of Directors regarding issues affecting the Year-round Standards; and
  • To make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the status of camps following visits.

Committee Members:
Matthew Bernardo, Chair

Marjorie Booth
Christina Bossart
Rob Crew
Heather Davidson
Jen Dundas
Julie Gallie
Colin Leonard
Rankin Middlebrook
Kelley Ruys de Perez
Hilary Villneff
Miles Villneff

Standards Review

The OCA Standards Revision Committee works closely with the Standards Committee. The committee monitors current recreation practices and government legislation to ensure that the OCA standards are current and reflect the industries best practices.

Committee Members:
Miles Villneff, Chair

Barb Gray
Anne Morawetz
Bill Stevens
Mark Diamond
Marcello Bernardo
Rob Crew
Bruce Ingersoll