Health Care Resources

2019 Health Conference Presentations

Amanda Grassick and Cale Allen – Diversity and Inclusion

Annie Seto-Choo – Managing a Public Health Outbreak Resource

Barb Gray – Medication Administration

Bev Unger – Anaphylaxis

Bev Unger – Nursing 201 – Hot Health Topics – Returning to Camp Health Care

Dr. Sasha Litwin – My Throat Hurts

Dr. Sasha Litwin – The Top 10 Camp Emergencies

Erin Sunstrum – Wilderness Trips and Your Health Centre

Karlee-Ann Bell – Head Lice Fact Sheet

Karlee-Ann Bell – Head Lice

Logan Pinney – Asthma

Matthew Canning – Cannabis 

Michelle Colomvakos – Health Care 101 – First Year at Camp

Ruth Mills – Promoting Positive Mental Health in Camp Staff

Samantha Greenberg – Youth Mental Health

2018 Health Conference Presentations

Ashley McGhee – Affirmation of Gender and Sexual Diversity in Children, Youth and Families

Amanda Coschi – Diabetes – When Your Pancreas is Not a Happy Camper

Barb Gray – Pediatric Assessment

Bev Unger – Anaphylaxis

Erin Sunstrum – Wilderness Trips & Your Health Centre 

Maha Alrimali – Asthma Friendly Camps

Michelle Colomvakos – Health Care 101

Murray Hillier – Digital Disconnect “Unplugged and Cut Off”

Ruth Gowan – Common Pests That Plague Camps

Dr. Sarah Lawrence – Common Childhood Illnesses at Camp

Tracy Fabri – New Approaches to Youth Concussions

2017 Health Care Conference Presentations

Annette Cyr – Screen Me

Barb Gray – Common Skin Rashes

Dr. Tracey Gaslin – Medication Management for Day and Resident Camps

Lana Biro – Asthma Friendly Camps

Lori Scott – Musculoskeletal Injuries

Steph Wilson – Health Care 101 – Unregulated Care Providers

Steph Wilson – Health Care 101

Jessica Bhullar- Summer Camp Emergency Program- May 2017- OCA Health Care Conference PPT

Michelle Colomvakos – Strep Throat PPT

Health Resources

1. Workplace Mental Health Promotion: A How-To Guide

Click here

2. Sample Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan from Food Allergy Canada

3. Lyme Disease Toolkit prepared by the Ministry

  1. Matte story
  2. Refreshed fact sheet and poster (AODA compliant) available for download until April 29, 2017 at
  3. Presentation
  4. Social media assets

The chart below summarizes the toolkit items and how to use and access the materials.

Stakeholder Feedback and Ministry Response Summary
Item Content description Purpose of document Access to document
Matte Story Explains what Lyme Disease is and how it can be prevented and treated For easy reference if an opportunity to publish a story is available Use attachment from above
Fact Sheet Provides important information on Lyme Disease  For distribution within your networks To download the refreshed fact sheet, go to

Copies of last year’s fact sheet (English & French) are available for order online from Service Ontario at:

  • Order by phone: 416-326-5300
    Toll free within Canada: 1-800-668-9938 (TTY toll free within Ontario: 1-800-268-7095)


Poster Bilingual poster (8.5 x 11” and 11” x 17”) – to increase awareness about how to protect yourself from Lyme Disease For display and distribution to your employees and clients To download the refreshed poster, go to

Available for download until April 29, 2017

  • Copies of last year’s posters are available for order online from Service Ontario at:
  • Order by phone: 416 326-5300
    Toll free within Canada: 1-800-668-9938 (TTY toll free within Ontario: 1-800-268-7095)
Presentation Basic information on Lyme Disease in PowerPoint format For use in staff training and education Use attachment from above
Social Media Posts Copy and images to be used on Facebook and Twitter For use in your social media channels Use attachment from above

2016 Health Care Conference Speaker Presentations and Resources

Asthma Friendly Camps
Common Camper Health Issues
LGBTQ Resources
Occupational Health and Safety
Outbreak Infections at Camp
Sun Safe, Sun Aware
Tick Talk


SAMPLE: Health Form

Disclaimer: The Ontario Camps Association provides this sample Health Form as a service to its member camps. The Ontario Camps Association makes no guarantee that this information is complete or sufficient to cover all situations. The responsibility for creating your camp’s Health Form rests solely with the individual and/or camp.

Click here for Sample Healthcare Form

Please click on the topics below to access information on each Health Care topic:

– Chickenpox

– Diarrhea

– Head Lice

– Hiring, Retaining, and Terminating Health Care Providers – CLICK HERE
Cheryl Bernknopf, RN & Barb Gray, RN, MN
OCA Healthcare Committee

– Mental Health Issues At Camp –a presentation by Cheryl Bernknopf

– Camp First Aidpresentation from the 2014 Health Care Conference

Information on Lyme Disease:

Teach your kids why they should stay away from ticks.
Learn the symptoms of Lyme Disease.
Make your backyard a tick safe zone.
Protect yourself from ticks in the great outdoors.
Stay away from tick habitats.