Members’ Status

OCA Memberships must be renewed by every camp each year before September 30th (OCA’s fiscal year is October 1st to September 30th). Click here for current applications.

Each Fall, camps that were visited that summer will also receive a letter to confirm their Membership status in regards to the outcome of their Visit

Visit Process — The Board will automatically re-accredit a camp if they meet 100% of the applicable Mandatory Standards and 90% of the applicable Recommended Standards in each section.
– If a camp does not meet these requirements, the Standards Committee will conduct a review. Once completed, the Committee will make a recommendation to the Board.
– The Board will make one of the following decisions:

  1. The camp is accredited or re-accredited for 4 years.
  2. The Board requires a letter of response or undertaking from the camp to comply with the Standards before a 4-year accreditation or re-accreditation is given.
  3. The Board requires the camp to be re-visited the following year and requires a letter of undertaking from the camp to comply with the Standards before a 1-year accreditation or re-accreditation is given.
  4. The camp is not accredited/re-accredited and remains a Provisional Applicant/ reverts back to Provisional status.

The Board may revoke the Membership of any camp if, in their opinion, the camp does not adhere to the objectives, goals or standards of the OCA.


A Member Camp may appeal the Board’s decision. The By-Laws 1.D (2006) 8.1 a. viii define the appeal process.

In this case, a meeting will be called for a representative from the Member Camp to meet with the OCA Board of Directors. The camp may then present evidence to challenge the findings of the Standards Committee and the Board’s decision. Standards Committee Members may attend the meeting.

Membership removal is outlined in OCA’s By-laws. Please see the following. Please click here for OCA’s Bylaws.


9.1 Death, Resignation or Termination

The interest of a Member is not transferable and shall cease to exist upon death or when he ceases to be a Member by resignation or otherwise in accordance with the Constitution and By-laws of the Association. Any Member may withdraw from the Association by delivering a written resignation to the Secretary/Treasurer. Such resignation shall become effective upon receiving the approval of the Board. The Board shall not approve any resignation until it is satisfied that such Member has fulfilled all his or its obligations to the Association. The Board may revoke the membership of any Member (regardless of the member’s class) if in the opinion of the Board the continued membership of such person is detrimental to the Association or if such person does not adhere to the objectives, goals or Standards. If the Board make such determination it shall so advise the particular Member in writing (the “Revocation Notice“). The Revocation Notice shall set out the basis upon which the Board has determined that continued membership of such person is detrimental to the Association or the basis upon which the Board has determined that such person does not adhere to the objectives, goals or standards of the Association.

If the particular Member wishes to contest the Board’s determination, the particular Member shall so notify the Association in writing (a “Request for Appeal“) within 7 days of receipt of the Revocation Notice. If the Camp Member delivers a Request for Appeal to the Association within such 7 day period, the Board shall meet with the particular Member on such date as shall be agreed upon between the particular Member and the President of the Association. If the President of the Association and the particular Member cannot agree on a date for such meeting within 7 days of delivery of the Request for Appeal, such meeting shall take place at the first meeting of the Board following the expiry of such 7 day period.

The Association shall advise the particular Member of the date of such meeting of the Board as soon as practicable after receipt of the Request for Appeal. At the meeting between the Board and the particular Member, which shall be at the head office of the Association, the particular Member shall address the Board and shall at such time be given an opportunity to present such evidence, as it shall consider desirable to challenge the Board’s determination. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing such Member shall be entitled to be represented by counsel and shall be entitled to submit affidavits of experts or have experts attend in person and address the Board. The rules and procedures governing such meeting shall be determined by the Board from time to time, but they shall comply with the rules of natural justice. Following the meeting the Board shall either reinstate the Member or confirm its determination to revoke the Member’s membership in the Association.

The determination of the Board shall be final and binding and no appeal shall lie therefrom.

Camp owners/directors who are OCA Members voluntarily comply with the Year-round Standards recognizing the importance of health and safety and the value of high standards. Every time a camp owner/director signs their annual membership renewal form or a page of a Standards Visitation Form, the camp is re-committing to uphold OCA standards all day, every day, every year.