Stamp of a Great Camp for Accredited Camps

The OCA LOGO identifies to campers, their families and staff that their camp meets industry standards – only accredited camps are able to use the OCA logo on literature and on their signs.

Support, Mentoring and Crisis Management  –  The Ontario Camps Association Board and Members provide support and mentoring for start-up camps, for human resource management, purchasing power, and most importantly when issues arise there is literally 100’s of years of experience, collectively, amongst OCA Members, who are willing to provide their knowledge and expertise.

Insurance – Membership in the OCA means lower insurance rates for camps. Why? Over 400 OCA Camps follow the Year-round Standards that are provincially recognized and have proven in the latest research that camps that follow the standards have 34% fewer accidents and incidents. OCA membership allows access to the Canadian Camping Association’s insurance program.

OCA Accreditation Standards – The Province of Ontario knows that camps that are part of the OCA are visited every four years. Following the visits camps are notified of any concerns or issues regarding the Standards and are given opportunities to make the required changes before the next summer. Every OCA Camp follows this system to ensure quality in all areas of operations, programing, safety and health, and employment.

Government Lobbying –  1. The OCA lobbied the Ontario government for counsellors to be hired at a lower rate than the increasing Minimum Wage Regulation. 2. OCA Lobbied the Canadian government regarding canoe and kayak licencing with the result that these two pleasure crafts do not have to be licensed by camps every year or as they are changed. 3. OCA works with Service Canada to assist foreign workers and campers to come to Canada under all types of Circumstances.

Website – OCA Camps presently have their information posted on the Website for parents, campers, staff and the general public to have easy access to your information. In the near future the website will be upgraded to offer many more valuable benefits to camps across Ontario.  Many camps report that the OCA web site is high on their referral list and on an organic search for summer camps Ontario the OCA site is repeatedly #1.

Monthly Newsletter – provides the community a province-wide voice; it also provides a venue for new and important information or changes in government regulations, vendors’ news and members’ news.

Annual Conference and Educational Workshops – OCA provides educational workshops throughout the year.  Topics such as: Administration, Site and Facilities, Legal, Child Development Environment, Social Networking, Health Care, Risk Management, Training, Leadership, Skills and Special Needs include current and relevant information.

Access to the Summer Hotline – Throughout the summer months the OCA has a hotline that members can access for assistance with questions and support through a crisis.

Networking – OCA provides a forum for networking with other camps that can assist you with all initiatives and or issues that may arise.

Purchasing Power – OCA Preferred Vendors offer a variety of quality services and equipment to OCA Members at a discount.

Research – Access to research, completed by the Canadian Camping Association and the American Camps Association, is important to the camps industry. Knowing new trends and having data that is supportive of new initiatives will help you with your planning.

Further Discounts – OCA Members are able to obtain discounts to American Camps Association’s conferences, book store, etc. New discounts are on the horizon for OCA Members with OCA Preferred Vendors

Donations – The general public calls on a regular basis with donations for camps, especially for charitable or not-for-profit camps. For example, free or gently used equipment such as sports equipment and lifejackets.