Working Conditions

Camp is the best job in the world: it gives you opportunities and life-long skills other jobs cannot provide.

Overnight camps, some private day camps and charitable or religiously affiliated or agency camps pay by the season or by contract (a block period of time e.g. 6-9 weeks in the summer).

Municipal Day Camps usually pay by the hour for a block period of time, depending on your position.

Ontario summer camps are exempt from paying students (Canadian or Foreign Temporary Workers) Ontario’s minimum wage of $14.00/hr. However, the value and benefits working at camp out-weigh the monetary benefits you may receive from other jobs.

Accommodation and Food:
Overnight camps provide accommodation and food. If you are a counsellor you will most likely be bunking with the campers. If you are an activities staff, whether or not you bunk with the campers varies from camp to camp. Senior camp staff (e.g. supervisors/managers) usually have cabins separate from the campers’ areas.

At day camp, all staff members usually bring their own lunches. There may be some exceptions where there is a lunch option provided.

For further information on your summer camp job experience contact the camps of your choice. Start by visiting the OCA Job Board.